My Silent Companion

“It’s unhealthy to develop emotions for objects”, told my mother when I was over reacting and didn’t have my dinner, the night after I accidentally sprinkled some water over pages of the book my mother gifted me in my 8th grade. It was a completely coloured and Illustrated DK Encyclopaedia, which I didn’t allow anybody to touch, especially my little sister. The book was in great shape still, yet I wanted it perfect. I do not like the water marks lingering on it, and I knew that they wont go. And that made me angry. She spoke to me for about half an hour and left me alone. Then I didn’t realise that I took her words seriously, but it seems that I did. In days that followed I kept it safe and clean but I was no more attached. It would be somewhere in the bookshelf now, among many other  books and with no special importance.

She gifted me many things, before and after that and I have no idea where most of them are now. Except this time piece. I got this in my second year of engineering, as a gift from my mother for securing admission in the University-Engineering college. Keeping my feelings for the college aside, I liked the watch. Not intensely emotional, but I was happy to get it. Military green watch with golden digital display. I strapped it around my wrist and soon forgot about it. Days passed and coincidentally, this became the only object that I possess, which none of friends borrowed, not even once. They admire it, though. And it always stayed strapped to my wrist through all my good days and bad days since the day I touched it first. And it is tough.

Clicking its buttons passed my time when classes were boring and the feel of its texture is the symbol I know for endurance. It survived the rough walls and concrete aggregates in laboratory tests without a scratch on its glass dial, and its strap never showed signs of bending, though I rolled over it while sleeping in my bed, many nights. It demanded no more maintenance than a splash of water over it, once in a week, but that was it. It looked as new. And no battery changes ever. It is solar powered.

I found that I grew more attached to it than I knew I was, when I had a road accident. Front tyre of my cycle was completely deformed and my knee bruised against the rough road. My right palm took most of the impact and the shoulder felt a painful jerk which didn’t allow movement for many days. And to my surprise the first thing I did, even before trying to get up from the road, is to look at my left wrist. The steel band that held the strap in place took a few scratches, but rest of the watch looked fine, nothing fatal. I remember feeling relieved, even with bleeding wounds. And holding it in my palm while I slept that night gave me the strength to get over the pain in the knee and shoulder. I woke up the next morning and it was my birthday. My watch was the first to wish me that morning, with shining golden digits showing 9- 8.

This is my silent companion in all my deeds and decisions, good and bad, and treated me the same anyway, always. If there is one object which I would never dream to lose, and feel noticeable emotion for, this is it. I never thank my mother directly, but I feel grateful for many things she did for me. And I’m grateful to her for gifting me this tough piece.

– Avinash Kumar